All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @andrew_alex: RT @andrew_alex: The lobby's reaction as expressed by @SamCoatesTimes

RT @PeoplesLabour: @SocialistVoice @georgegalloway I see the Israel lobby's (wealthiest, most powerful lobby working behind the scenes in Westminster) #Antisemitism bandwagon has gone into idiot mode again. Any @UKLabour MP's not promoting our best result since 1971 will stick out like paid off troll's. Clay pigeons anyone? Pull

RT @republic: #WhySevenYears | A rape is a rape is a rape. But, the secular lobby's outcry depends on the affinity they have towards the accused: Nupur Sharma- Spokesperson, BJP & Advocate

RT @SevenStarsMedia: @raymonddelauney @georgegalloway @normfinkelstein Powerful message! Norm had been the "Lobby's" target numero uno for decades. This broadcast is mandatory listening for anyone wishing to understand the contrived witch hunt against #Corbyn