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✈️ I’ve joined @WelshLabour MPs in signing this letter to the UK Government on behalf of constituents in #CardiffCentral who pre-booked holidays & are being let down by travel operators and airlines. Customers shouldn’t lose out for following laws designed to keep us all safe

Humbled & grateful that I’ve now been confirmed as @theSNP candidate for Edinburgh Northern & Leith. Thank you to local @LeithWalkSNP, @LeithSNP & @ForthSNP members for your support. It’s been an immense privilege to represent our area & I hope to have the honour to serve again.

I’ve downloaded and installed the NHS contact tracing app @NHSCOVID19app - you can do the same by following one of the links - iOS download:… Android download:

Jim McMahon MP (Labour) tweeted :

I’ve installed the NHS track and trace app. If I’m honest it was more to support the national effort than confidence in it, at this stage Hoping it works, and they eventually add features like being able to book a test Be helpful if is also listed local restrictions in place

RT @callumjodwyer: So that’s exactly 6 months I’ve been not so well following Covid. The last 6 weeks or so I have started to make small, incremental progress - but I am still dependent on care by my family or my partner. Not long ago I was running 10ks! I am 28. #voicesofthevirus #CountLongCovid

RT @MyIPhon61880427: I’ve just signed the petition to cut beer tax. I’m calling on my MP @MaryRobinson01 to fight for a Beer Duty cut at the next budget. Sign the petition to cut beer tax at #longlivethelocal

RT @SeamusHughes: I’ve been looking at extremism in America for nearly 20 years as a congressional staffer, an intelligence policy officer, and an academic. It’s the worst it’s been since I began. Everything about this screams it’s only gonna get much worse till hopefully it gets somewhat better

RT @The_MEllis: Started work at 7am and all I’ve thought about all day is putting that X next to @MikeAmesburyMP name. I’ve just been to vote now. The polling station was chocker. Hopefully full of likeminded people. Let’s get these mongrel tories out of power. #VotingLabour #SaveTheNHS

RT @grahamsteele24: RT @grahamsteele24: @DaniRowley I hope the #Labour vote turns out in droves for you. I’ve already put my cross next to your name this morni…

RT @andrewrstine: Probably the single best illustration I’ve ever seen of what people mean when they talk about systemic racism in technology…