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MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk. Fighting against IndyRef2 : Out of hours, I’m training for my next marathon, somewhere. Triathlete. Ironman.


Green MP. Minister for Women. Assoc Minister of Transport, Health. I’m into lively streets, real food, and bicycles. Auth by J Genter, Parlt Buildings, WLG

RT @vaughangething: I’m delighted to have @huw4ogmore backing my campaign to be @WelshLabour leader. One of the most pressing issues for th…

RT @patbcaruana: I voted against Adani for five years and it didn’t stop. I’m going to try voting for it.

Andrew Whitfield (DA) tweeted :

I’m actual fact we never had a Zuma problem nor do we have a Ramaphosa problem. We gave an ANC problem. State capture and corruption is embedded in its DNA.

RT @BBCkatyaadler: 1) Again and again I’m struck by the chasm in thinking between leading MP’s on #Brexit and the viewpoint of EU leaders -…

RT @JulieSLalonde: I’m a franco-ontarienne and come from generations of franco-ontariennes. If you know individual people who think diffe…

RT @Michael4MDNP: I’m a lawyer by training, and my heart sank as I read Theresa May's deal… via @Telegraph

RT @awealthofcs: For a trade I’m going long the number of snarky tweets & explainer stories over the next week about how awkward Tha…

RT @sommervilletv: A BBC manager once asked me to be “less Scottish” on air. He’s long gone and I’m Middle East correspondent. ✌🏻 We need…

I’m at #LushPrize in #Berlin. Hallo, is there someone from @BfRde ?

RT @nytdavidbrooks: I’m in LA. At what point does it stop being pizza?