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RT @cp1919plus21: This just popped up on Facebook photos @MsJaneOD… @SP_Petitions never got a definitive answe…

RT @raju: Also drove big, narrow echo chambers especially @facebook…

RT @juhavantzelfde: We need to nationalise Google, Facebook and Amazon. Here’s why. By @n_srnck……

I posted a new video to Facebook

Laurin Liu (unknown) retweeted @_Acfas :

RT @_Acfas: Toutes les infos sur le 83e congrès #Acfas, les activités à ne pas manquer: c'est sur l'événement Facebook…

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

Conseil de Jean-Rene Dufort @infomantv aux candidats fédéraux: "Faites le ménage de vos comptes Facebook!" #ppgd15

Veiko Spolitis (Unity) tweeted :

Orange buffoon bought by questionable ads @facebook ....… via @CBSNews

@no_propoganda My father has responded to your idiocy on Facebook. Since you've been a long-time troll, this warran……

Alka Lamba (india) tweeted :

I posted a new video to Facebook

RT @mazdaki: #Saath2017 being streamed via #FB Facebook…