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Member of Parliament for Vauxhall UK. #LeaveMeansLeave Retweets don’t necessarily mean endorsement

RT @JohnOSullivanNR: I really don’t want to hear from “Brexiteer” MPs until I read they have announced their support for a motion of no con…

RT @joncstone: Donald Tusk, asked if MPs who don’t vote for the deal should go to hell: "According to our Pope, hell is still empty. It mea…

RT @robdalby: @edvaizey Hope to God you’re right, Ed, and that we don’t lose a truly great PM over this fiasco.

RT @RCorbettMEP: Overheard on train: “I’m fed up with the never ending #Brexit mess. Why don’t they just call it off and get on with solv…

@Rawlinator @Lineschris @DwrCymru Though I don’t currently run a restaurant. But who knows what the future holds? What would I call it? 😬

RT @NewTownFlaneur: When you don’t have Instagram but want everyone to know you’re making a cake.

Julia Reda (unknown) replied to @Senficon :

The official version of the #copyright trilogue agreement is online now, translations will follow shortly. Don’t get a heart attack when you see #Article13 has been renumbered #Article17, both the old and the new numbers will show up on MEPs’ voting lists.…

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @msnoellesly :

RT @msnoellesly: @muqingmzhang @JamilahLemieux I don’t support the Kardashian shennanigans, but this is standard when you arrange surrogacy…

@DeborahTabart @_LisaMCox @GregHuntMP @JoshFrydenberg @Melissa4Durack @LeeanneEnoch Deborah, I don’t know why you include me on that list. You know full well my role in listing the koala and ordering the recovery plan to be prepared. The fact that subsequent ministers didn’t act is a real issue. Including me on that list is dishonest.

@jc_maximus @harryph I don’t think you can have read the whole piece, James. Bercow might well have a point about not calling the same motion twice. But PRECISELY THE SAME SENTENCE in Erskine May prohibits calling the same amendment twice.