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MSP for Shetland. Trustee of Shetland Women’s Aid, Former Shetland Councillor. From Shetland, for Shetland.


Writer, commentator, former MEP. Passionate European opposing Brexit. Vice-Chair European Parliament Women’s Committee 2017-2019. Feminist & Humanist

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @Galloots :

RT @Galloots: @BobRae48 TSN shows more women’s tennis than any other Canadian tv network.

It’s also about women. It’s easier for powerful men to attempt to remove women’s agency rather than address their issues when confronted. “Bitch, difficult to work work” or “her skirt was too short” all lead to the same end- imposing social costs on non compliant women.

On #IWD, I had the privilege of attending the opening of the 24-hour Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre’s Shelter. This project was a led by a group of determined and compassionate women who made sure the most vulnerable in their community was supported. Thank you for including me.