All deleted tweets from politicians

Vlaams minister voor cultuur, media, jeugd, Brussel. Verbeelding werkt. Flanders-Belgium. Minister: culture, media, youth/jeunesse, Bruxelles/Brussels. Liberal.

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Sven Gatz (unknown) retweeted @1000kmKOTK :

RT @1000kmKOTK: RT @1000kmKOTK: Kom de komende dagen meegenieten in Mechelen en onze middagsteden:… #de1000km #funinthesun https://t…

Sven Gatz (unknown) retweeted @lecho :

RT @lecho: RT @lecho: La Bourse de Bruxelles ferme pour travaux

Sven Gatz (unknown) retweeted @KrisVNieuw :

RT @KrisVNieuw: RT @KrisVNieuw: 19 maart: #goegespeeld debat in @Muntpunt met oa @svengatz, @TinneRombouts, @johncrombez. Wees erbij, speelbeesten! http://…

Sven Gatz (unknown) tweeted :

Ambiance gegarandeerd. Full house met de Brussels Concert Band & @_belleperez !

Sven Gatz (unknown) retweeted @BX1_Actu :

RT @BX1_Actu: RT @BX1_Actu: Le festival des lumières “Bright Brussels” illuminera Bruxelles durant 4 jours…

Sven Gatz (unknown) retweeted @BRUZZbe :

RT @BRUZZbe: RT @BRUZZbe: Brusselse regering wil studentenleven promoten met website en app…

RT @NietzscheQuotes: RT @NietzscheQuotes: And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. #music #dance #Nietzs…

RT @NietzscheQuotes: RT @NietzscheQuotes: In the true man there is a child concealed - who wants to play. #Nietzsche

RT @NietzscheQuotes: RT @NietzscheQuotes: Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate. #Nietzsche