All deleted tweets from politicians

Laurin Liu

Former Canadian Parliamentarian and youngest female MP in Canadian history. Currently #globalhealth advocacy in NYC.

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Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

A billionaire pharmaceuticals executive who has been blamed for spurring the US opioid crisis stands to profit from the epidemic after he patented a new treatment for drug addicts.…

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

The Indian Supreme Court has just ruled to decriminalize homosexuality by abolishing #Section377… #loveislove

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

On this labour day, a reminder to pay your interns

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

Like Donald trump hovering behind Hilary, this moment gives so many women the chills because we know EXACTLY what this feels like. #metoo

Laurin Liu (unknown) retweeted @mftkate :

RT @mftkate: This isn’t just a child that doesn’t recognize his mom, this is a trauma response following an attachment injury caused by the…

Laurin Liu (unknown) retweeted @aminatou :

RT @aminatou: whoever made this deserves a prize because I can’t stop laughing

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

Check out this convenient guide to events surrounding the 73rd UN General Assembly #UNGA that my talented colleagues at @GHS have put together. Let us know if we missed anything! #globalhealth #humanrights

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweeted :

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