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Labour MEP for London. Vice President, S&D Group in the European Parliament. Chair, @EP_Justice 2014-19.

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Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

@ClaudiaWebbe Congratulations Claudia, knowing you you will be a terrific candidate in your home City. All the best & good luck.

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

Watch the red up tick. The Tories are. Hence the outpouring of their lying facebook ads & emails on tax, immigration & the SNP. Their desperate coalition plans with Brexit Party. Working as closely as ever with the right wing UK press. Yet Labour only 6 pts behind on Survation.

RT @labourlewis: Brexit Party won't stand in Tory seats>Well there’s a shocker. Not. On a Postive note the battle lines are drawn. The Tory…

RT @Survation: NEW Westminster Voting Intention. Nota bene: fieldwork was prior to the recent major party list shuffle and features no rea…

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

In 2019 and on this Day of Remembrance there is scant knowledge of the sheer scale of the mainly volunteer armies of the Indian sub-continent, Africa, and Caribbean serving & dying for our country The Memorial Gate in their memory was only recently erected after much campaigning

@battifund1 @Channel4News This is true, there are more examples, but it has taken time for this sizeable group to be recognised - around 2.5m Indian Sub-Continent alone in uniform serving our country in WW2.

@juliesu74284807 @Channel4News And yet he fought for our country in the War. In one of the largest volunteer armies in history. You describe yourself as a Thatcherite Tory. And make such an offensive islamophobic comment.

@oojafink1 @Channel4News While India was part of the British Empire. That's the point. Incredible.

RT @GoodwinMJ: In the last few YouGov polls the % of 18-24-year-olds planning to vote Labour has moved from October 25 - 35% October 30…