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Claude Moraes MEP

Labour MEP for London. Chair, @Europarl_EN Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs Cttee @EP_Justice

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Brexit was not just about the economy to many leavers, the Sun, Telegraph etc It was about finding our new place in the world. This idiotic and expensive episode can't be a great start.

It patronises the public that they can't at once see the great in Churchill as a War leader but recognise the bad as the electorate did in 1945. Brits of Indian origin who understand our colonial history can't be told to revise his bad role in it Why the huge tension in the truth

RT @PolhomeEditor: If you think the Tories are at war now, just wait till you see the story breaking at 8pm. #staytuned

@johnmcdonnellMP was asked a straight "hero/villan" question, chose to mention a negative aspect of Winston Churchill. I'm of Indian origin & anyone who understands colonial history knows that there are others. He clearly did great things but we shouldn't censor our history.

I'm the Rapporteur for the Visa Free Waiver - the story surely is that the UK will now get visa free travel across the EU in the event of no deal. Would the usual British journalists bother to report it if it didn't have an anti-EU angle. Tiresome.…

Yes I'm the Rapporteur on visa free EU travel for Brits who will now get this in the event of No Deal. The EU acting positively in my view. Somehow the British press just want a story about whether Gibraltar is called a colony or not. Tiresome.

This is true but I wanted the UK to be covered and fast in the event of No Deal. I had it voted this week in the European Parliament and now with Council so it will be ready for that eventuality.

RT @alantravis40: Credit to @claudemoraes for sorting this for Britain and Europe.…

The story should have been about visa free travel and no deal. People of Gibraltar knew that if there was Brexit they would be subject to uncertainty & instability on a regular basis. Why they almost to a person rejected it. British journalists reporting this as if it's big news

RT @Kevin_Maguire: Tory Brexit Minister privately admits why May’s bribes to Labour MPs are worthless…