All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @STVNews: These children have a message for First Minister @NicolaSturgeon, who they would like to thank for keeping them safe.

RT @jimbo_w: Re Cummings - Jackson Carlaw deleted his Tweet saying Scottish CMO's position was untenable after she was caught away from home - and she didn't have the virus. Fortunately I captured it. Please don't RT it and embarrass him. Clicky 👇

RT @MichaelLCrick: Amazing the BBC Ten O’Clock News didn’t have the Dominic Cummings story in their headlines. It must be a deliberate decision, but goodness knows why.

RT @JohnnyBlackUK: RT @JohnnyBlackUK: Lovely to see the @PS_Waverley going out of the harbour last evening ◽

RT @policescotland: We are out making sure our communities are kept safe this weekend. Follow @scotgov guidelines & only leave home for: 🛒 Shopping for food, household and medical supplies 🚗 Travelling to & from work if you are a key worker 🏃 Daily exercise #StayHomeSaveLives

RT @theSNP: RT @theSNP: ❤️ Stay home. Protect the NHS. save Lives. ◽

RT @policescotland: Our Chief Constable @CC_Livingstone addressed the public during the @scotgov #Coronavirus briefing with @ScotGovFM and @jasonleitch today, find out more ➡️

RT @policescotland: Following the First Minister's update today, lockdown measures remain in place. Please stay at home to save lives and protect the NHS. #StayHomeSaveLives